"With the current changes that my industry is undergoing, 1199 Continuing Education classes provided the learning tools to better myself."

Jacqueline Rivera, Lab Technologist, Mt. Sinai, New York

"By uniting with 1199SEIU we now have access to more resources, which will open doors to more opportunities like job training and union education programs so more of us will know our rights at work."

Steven Sikora, Lead Respiratory Tech Blake Medical Center, Florida

No-cost and Low-cost Education & Training Opportunities

In the healthcare field, many of us want to advance our careers, or need continuing education units to maintain our certifications or licenses. Most 1199 members have access to training and education funds that provide:

  • No-cost or low-cost college classes and tuition reimbursement.
  • Seminars that provide no-cost CEUs.
  • Paid time off to attend classes.
  • Help with purchasing books, uniforms and other costs.
  • No-cost classes in computer literacy, English and other skills.

1199 members often meet to determine what specific training and education opportunities they would like to have access to. Here are some examples of opportunities that the training funds provide throughout our union:

  • As of February 2010, 13 Massachusetts hospitals and 17 nursing homes are part of the union’s training and education fund, giving thousands of union members the opportunity to enhance their skills and advance their careers. 1199’s Training and Upgrading Fund now has sixteen voucher partnerships with schools across Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
  • 1199 New York members have also worked with the League of Voluntary Hospitals to create the largest and most successful health care training fund in the country, which offers educational opportunities to more than 30,000 workers a year. 1199 members and the League have also created a Labor Management Partnership that has had quantitatively measurable benefits for clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction and hospital efficiency.
  • 1199 members in Maryland have partnered with 26 hospitals and nursing homes in Maryland and Washington, D.C. giving workers access to programs to earn a nurse’s aide certificate, take computer classes or enroll in other continuing education courses. Already this year, 44 members have earned nursing assistant certificates with a 92 percent graduation rate. Our Learning Centers in Baltimore and Washington also offer classes in computer skills, academic skills, medical terminology, ESOL, Spanish and CPR.

“I voted for 1199SEIU because I knew that, by forming our union, we’d have the resources and opportunities to get a higher education. Plus, it’s great to know that we have job security and guaranteed healthcare coverage.

Josefina Bonilla Cabari, Lab Tech, New York