"Now that we have a union at Carney, we work together with management and have a real voice in making Carney the best hospital possible. When all of Caritas Christi healthcare workers unite, we all win."

Clovis Byfield, Mental Health Counselor, Carney Hospital, Massachusetts

"Being an 1199 member has given me a sense of pride that has made me feel good about myself and the work I do."

Cynthia Butler, Pharmacy Technician, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York

Who is 1199?

Winning the highest job standards

1199 SEIU is the fastest-growing, most effective healthcare union in the country. Our 350,000 members work in every part of the healthcare industry, including hospitals, nursing homes and homecare, and have won the very best job standards:

  • Some of the highest wages in the country, with guaranteed annual raises.
  • Excellent benefits, including affordable healthcare for employees and our families.
  • Strong job protections.
  • Retirement security.
  • No-cost education and training opportunities.
  • A voice in staffing and patient care.
  • Respect!

A proud history & mission

1199 was founded by a group of pharmacists over 80 years ago, and today we represent healthcare workers throughout Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York State, Maryland, Washington D.C. and Florida. We’re guided by a mission to achieve quality healthcare for all, and good, secure jobs for those who provide that care. Because healthcare is highly regulated, 1199 members are very active in local, state and federal government, standing up for our professions and our patients.

Making sure every voice is heard

1199 is a highly democratic union, and members make all the important decisions, including electing union leaders and voting on all contracts. There are also local councils for specific facilities and job classifications to make sure the individual concerns of all members are heard.

A bright future

Over the past 10 years, more than 90,000 healthcare workers have voted for 1199, and more join every month. We are continuing to grow and build the most effective voice for our patients, our families and each other. Join with us!

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